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Can ferrets die from loneliness

Ferrets used to be wild animals and people keep them to prey rodents and rats as they are carnivores. They have been domesticated since the 1980s and now popular as a lovely and friendly pet. Can ferrets die from loneliness?

Ferrets are social animals and more resembles weasels so many people are confused with the species. That’s the reason some used to be afraid to pet him. While they are also illegal in some states and especially the home when you have a small kid. They are harmless and delicate and adopt the environment soon.

Can ferrets die from loneliness?

Ferrets love to be around humans when they are adopted from a young age. When you plan to pet a ferret and nourish him. Get vaccinated on time and better to spray or neutered him then they are friendly and live long. Here we know can ferrets die from loneliness?

They can die of loneliness because they spend 16 hours a day sleeping but playful when woke up. All you need to do is giving him some time to play or out of the cage at least for 4 hours. There are a few things you should keep in mind while petting a ferret for a long time. Whether you are ready to accept it true or not. As they need your attention, quality food, veterinary care, no kids, and long last bonding. Detail about can ferrets die from loneliness is given below.

Loneliness can kill your ferret just like a human. If you keep neglecting it and won’t provide him attention and care then he will be sad and die soon. Ferrets normally adopt human emotions like (being sad, show excitement, angry or hide when sick) while living with them. The following are the factors contributes to making a ferret happy to live long by your duties. Let’s know can ferrets die from loneliness?

Life expectancy

Ferrets usually live for 6-10 years if they are better taking care of though it is not easy to predict always but average. Female ferret’s lives longer than a male ferret because of the body heat if neutered or spray can save them. Well, the ferret’s health has major effects on the environment, lifestyle, and genetics. Sometimes household ferrets only live for 6 years as it depends on the diet you are providing them.

Diet plan

As a ferret’s owner, you have to keep your pet happy and healthy by proving him with good food and keep a diet plan. As they are carnivores so feed them with a balanced diet and make sure the food consists of all nutritional ingredients. To stay energetic and active they need a proper diet full of protein, taurine, and fats.

Do not provide an excess of calories or they can get overweight and cause health problems which can decrease their life.

Ferret food is available in the pet store or other shops so choose different things or consult your vet. Besides essential food you may treat him with extras but not much once in 2 days or thrice a week. Of course, they need water as well do not provide tap water but freshwater will be healthy.

Veterinary Care

Just like we do care of our kids, pets also need the full attention of their owners. You need to go to the vet for routine checkups of your ferret once a year even if it is all well. You should vaccine him on time against upcoming diseases so if they may have any issue your vet can get easily and manage. This will increase the lifespan of the ferret and he will live longer by staying healthy.

Life expediencies of other pets

Other small animals like rats and hamsters have a short life span of 2-3 years only whereas ferrets live longer than them. However, the ferrets have shorter life expectancy than larger domestic animals like cats and dogs. Ferrets are delicate and it is great to keep them as they can survive for 10 years and stay in your generations.

Personal attention

Before petting a ferret always remember that they would require your time on a daily base. If you are willing to provide them enough time then go for it like maintaining them by feeding, cleaning, litter box training, etc. Cages are necessary for the safety of ferrets when they are not under supervision as they can escape outside the house. They have poor eyesight and cannot find way back home so you should be careful.

Required years of care

Before taking the responsibility you should ask yourself that if you are willing to spend 6-10 years with your pet. However, some people who love ferrets think that they should survive for more than 10 years. It is necessary to stay dedicated to your pet as they can fell in deep mourning and die.

Small children and ferrets

Small children play roughly and ferrets can bite them so it’s not a good combination because ferrets can hurt your kid if kid grabs them hardly. So before hiring one you need to make sure that you don’t have any kid under the age of 5 because the ferret’s spine is very delicate and can be damaged. You would need extra care while leaving the ferret with your kids they can even steal the feeder of the baby.

Ferrets should be an adult’s pet because children lack the responsibility of caring and pet them only on your responsibility otherwise don’t. They need proper attention which a child cannot give him and clean its cage and do other tasks.

An introduction is needed for other pets

You must have learned the food chain of animals especially the carnivores.  So keep in mind if you already have small animals like rabbits, birds, and rodents then don’t pet ferrets as they are on its food chain. The large domestic animals like cats and dogs can be trained with the proper introduction to ferrets. Or you would be needed to be careful while leaving them separately to play.

These pets can harm your little ferret-like cats that can damage the eyes of ferret or sometimes they can be friends by living together in the same house.

Get to know if ferrets are affordable for you

Of course, you would like to have a long live pet but you should know if you can afford its diet or not for a whole life. As they are carnivores and eat meat contains 32% proteins and 20% fats at least. So the meat is a necessary ingredient of their diet whereas the cat’s food is grain-based. The ferrets are unable to chew the cheap food and digest that is harder for them.

They cannot be compromised with their food habits and can die soon from the grocery store foods. You can ask your vet or check online for the best food for ferrets which labels protein and fat contents on it. They will live longer with the essential food they need.

You can use cereal and crackers as treats and fruits also can be a good source of changing taste and appetite. They can even swallow bones of raw chicken but do not feed them cooked bones which can be harmful. There are also treats available in the market for ferrets you can get them which are good for them.

Ferret’s natural odor

You should be known that ferrets have scented glands near the anus and secrete odor especially when they are frightened or injured. If you can bear this smell then you can household the pet. There is a way to remove the ferret’s gland by descending but it can cause anal infection sometimes. Their musky smell can be washed away with soap and lukewarm water but don’t bath them daily it will dry their skin and make it itchy.

Ferrets are delicate animals and have sensitive furry skin so their skin produces essential oils that can be washed away by the regular bath. It can counter skin dryness and itching and make your pet uncomfortable. So once a week bath can help a lot and keeping the cage and place clean also.Following is the conclusion about can ferrets die from loneliness?


Once you have decided to pet a ferret you should know all the information about their health and diet and the nature of the animal. Animals we pet also need care and attention like kids’ ferrets are a playful and social animal. They want to play with you as you should give them an hour daily and let them out of the cage for at least 4 random hours. It will keep them healthy and long life whereas if you neglect them they can die soon of loneliness.

Moreover, if you can take the responsibility of a ferret. It needs most out of the other pets like cats and dogs then have one otherwise not a good idea. A dedicated site for visitors to find the very useful articles

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