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Do ferrets need bedding in their cage

Whether you are having any pet it needs a safe, clean and living environment around so setting up comfortable bedding is a good behaviour toward ferret.

Don’t try to torture your ferret in the smallest cage. You must choose the best size cage for your ferret and its bedding area must be spacious. But the cage shouldn’t be too big that your tiny ferret can escape from the latches and must be suitable.

When you see ferret bedding on the pet store then you should know that it must be necessary.

If you ask the salesperson at the pet store they would recommend you ferret bedding as they also display their ferrets with bedding means you should have certain bedding material in the cage. Since the experienced ferret owners know differently but if it is your first time petting a ferret then you must learn things along with the animal.

Do ferrets need bedding in their cage?

Ferrets have sharp claws and they can use them liberally without hesitation so be careful while placing bedding in their cage, they could not damage it by digging into it.

Bedding is necessary for the delicate and furry body of the ferret as it helps to cushion against feet and protect from liquid and odour. Bedding in ferret house provides them comfort and safe nap as they feel in human arms as they locate the perfect spot to sleep.

They usually love to sleep in a soft and cosy area that’s why they can also sleep in your socks drawer if they don’t find their cage a comfortable zone. Ferrets can be well trained as they are latrine animals and use one spot for their bathroom.

This is a good thing and the best habit they adopt to use the litter box with your training. You shouldn’t worry about the litter or the mess they can cause in your wardrobe. Never!

What to look for in bedding for ferret’s cage?

It is vital to have a big enough cage you can set bedding in it for your ferret because you cannot hold it all the time or let it play all around in the home. They should have their own bedroom to sleep in as they acknowledge it mentally as their own corner of comfort.

Since, they think about the cage stress and feel comfortable out there as they find many sleeping areas like in your blanket, tunnels, cups, and hammocks or your socks wardrobe. They are habitual of your personal smell so that they like your T-shirt and seems happier in that to burrow themselves in it while sleeping.

Best bedding material for ferret cage

Many people choose fleece as bedding in the ferret cages as they think that this one saves money because you can wash and reuse it but then you have to think about the time you spend on cleaning it.

What to use for ferret’s bedding? there is a simple solution you can throw it out when it gets dirty such as (recycled paper, wood shavings, and plastic sheet).

  1. Comfortable and Soft

Whatever you are using for bedding for the ferret’s cage keep in mind it should be cushioned for your pet’s feet so it must be comfortable and soft in texture.

  1. Absorbs liquid well

The bedding must have the absorbing quality to keep the floor of the cage nice and dry so choosing something absorbing is better like carpet piece.

  1. Helps control odour

As far as it must be absorbent the bedding must be odour control to keep the cage smelling fresh between cleanings.

  1. Made from natural materials

Readymade beddings for your ferret’s cage can be toxic sometimes and your pet may not be comfortable with it so it must be natural and don’t have dangerous ingredients.

  1. Heated pet beds for ferrets

To extend the comfort zone for your ferret you may buy microwave heating pads for your pet but make sure they are not too hot though and always covered by a thick material. They shouldn’t be directly exposed to the ferret otherwise it can burn him.

  1. Disposable ferret beds

The cheap and easy way is to put a T-shirt of your and other clothing to set the bedding for your ferret or you can visit the second-hand shop for clothes. You can use disposable bedding to avoid smelling or if you want the cheapest way then you have to wash the bedding every day rather than to dispose of it.

  1. Eco-Friendly products

You can have eco-friendly products for your ferret as an alternative as good bedding is biodegradable which is usually safer for your pet and the environment.

  1. High-quality paper bedding

High-quality paper can hold up to 3 times, not like outdated products and can be non-allergenic and non-toxic. It will absorb the liquid and have an ultra-soft texture that will not irritate your buddy. It stays fresh for a long time so that you may not change it frequently.

What do ferrets like to sleep on?

Ferrets are intelligent creature and they want comfort in their sleep so if their bedding is not comfortable then they find any other place to hide like sleep sacks and in hammocks.

You can also use old towels, an old piece of carpet, and old clothes as they get habitual of it and feel comfortable in it instead of lush beddings. They just need cosy and warm to snuggle into as hammock allows them to curl up to cosy inside.

The bedding in the cage should be separate from food and toileting spots to keep them clean and comfortable for these hammocks are useful. The multiple type cages let them be playful while eating to go up through ramp in his cage. Don’t forget if you have more than one ferret then you should have their separate beddings as they don’t like to let each other occupy their own space. You can tie the hammock with the shoelace that is not hurting for your ferret and would be easy for you to untie.

What are ferrets allergic to?

You must put the cage near your eyesight so that not to leave it alone or unmonitored whether it’s in the cage. Keep observing if he sneezes what causes him for sneezing.

  1. Dust, dirt, and hair

The ferret has a habit of snorkelling and that’s why they are low to the ground and they can inhale dust and dirt particles that can cause them sneezing. So keep the place dirt-free and clean with the vacuum cleaner to keep your ferret safe.

  1. Litter

The litter box should be kept away from the bedding of the ferret or keep it clean because snorkelling the ferret may sneeze and can lead to the health problem.

  1. Cold and flu

If the bedding of the cage is not comfortable though then ferret may have a cold and flu or he can catch flu from humans also. So avoid handling the ferret when you are having a cold or take him to the vet in case of flu.

  1. Scent spreading

Many ferrets have an allergy to some fast smells like fragrance perfumes, body sprays, and colognes, etc. be careful while taking your ferret in your hands that you shouldn’t wear any fast fragrance which can cause them to sneeze.

  1. Laundry detergent, fabric conditioners, and fabric deodorants

Do not wash ferret’s bedding with highly smelling detergent and conditioner that can cause allergy to your ferret switch them to unscented products for your pet’s safety?

What makes bad bedding for a ferret?

  1. Wood poisonous to ferrets

All above the precautionary steps should be followed and do not use pine and cedarwood of essential oils as the vapours from it can be toxic for your pet. Such types of hydrocarbon phenols can cause difficulty in respiration and can damage the liver of ferret so it should be avoided as bedding.

  1. Ferret enclosure substrate

The ferret has digging ability so don’t use wood shavings as they have essential oils which can be toxic and messy for your home as it will stick to its furry body and spread everywhere so instead the cage can be lined with newspapers.

  1. Silk/knitted material

You should have to keep in mind that the bedding in the ferret cage should not be of knitted fabric or silk material as their claws can be stuck in the nodes and can hurt their feet when they try to get free of it.

  1. Hemp bedding

Some of the ferrets are obnoxious to hemp bedding as it is commonly used with small pets and dust-free but sometimes allergic to your ferret.


Ferrets need care, like any other pet in the home requires care and comfort. So, choose the right cage, bedding, place, and healthy food along with toys (harmless) and other accessories. Keep your ferret and the cage clean and smell free as the ferret is so sensitive and delicate creature so finding the bedding by keeping all above the precautionary measurements is necessary.

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