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How big should a cage be for 1 ferret

How big should a cage be for 1 ferret?

Ferrets are a lovely creature with a sharp mind they learned quickly when you train them from a young age. So the housing of your pet is an important part of its life. They feel home, soft bedding to sleep on and obviously a territorial nature don’t let the trespasser come one. In this article, we will know how big should a cage be for 1 ferret.

The number of ferrets decides the cage size of how long and wide it should be to place 1 or a group of ferrets. Moreover, if you grew up them together they can have the same cage unless the cage should have multiple levels.

How big should a cage be for 1 ferret?

There are many types of ferret cages available in the market and online. If you have one ferret you would need a cage size of 70cm long, 60 cm wide and 50cm high. The cage must have enough room to play when you are busy at home chores, you can buy rabbits cages.

If your state has no ferret cages available or you can buy online. Don’t use hamsters or rats cages as they are too small for ferrets to use the dimension guides. Which tells us how big should a cage be for 1 ferret.

If you care about your pet then you must choose the right cage size for your ferret. As it will be his home when he wants some private time alone. So what is the best size, style and how many levels, holes the cage should have all discussed below an article

Ferret cage size

The size of the cage matters a lot while the little animal is playful and wandering about in the cage. So it needed enough space to move around. The cage shouldn’t be stressful with too narrow and small for your ferret but it doesn’t mean you invest a lot of money on the cage.We must know how big should a cage be for 1 ferret.

They are not confined to the cage all the time though and should have provided time to explore your home. These are the factors affect the size of your ferret’s cage you must follow to learn.

  1. Budget

Obviously, the size of the ferret’s cage depends on your budget and to get it from the free-range site. As to go high is a good idea. Don’t buy a huge cage it will take a lot of space in your home and would cost you high. So select the one according to your budget.

You can invest money on a standard size cage that should be 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet high for your fuzzy. The young ferrets play a lot so leaving him outside the cage is a better idea for potential physical activity in your home.

  1. Space at home

If you are living in a small apartment and you are petting ferret then you should buy a cage of the size of long. But should not much wide to captured floor space. That means the cage may have multiple levels for the buddy to move up and down, to jump and climb in the cage and feel stress-free and fit.

If you have more than 1 ferret then it will also work for you as they will accommodate their level of housing. Since multiple cages provide enough space to divide the levels with the dining area, sleeping area, and pooping area.

  1. Multiple levels

While selecting a cage for your ferret with multiple levels it should be easy to move up and down with the help of ramps attached to each level. Some people like to have cage levels with ramps made of wire.

Whereas, it has horrible stories of injuries from wired ramps. The reason behind the solid ramps may act like sliding so don’t select that brand when some offers you ramp covers.

You can also use small cages or handy ones. To take your pet along as sickbay when you have neutered the pet and you may have cautioned that the stitches will tear while climbing.

  1. Ventilation and temperature

Ferrets have no issues with cages they eat, sleep and use the litter box in the cage and free to move around and happy. However, the cage should have good ventilation as it should be made with the bars and the space between them must not be more than 1 inch. It will be airy and of good temperature, you cannot put them in a solid box or they will die without breathing so bars and wires make a good cage.

Ferret are already heated animal. So it is necessary to control the size of the cage and the ventilation in it to control the temperature of the pet’s housing. Do remember to place the cage not too close to the window or radiator as it will provide direct heat to them. Provide them both cool and warm bedding while they can select to sleep on.

  1. Indoor cages

Some indoor cages have shelf-like attachments to place bedding of the ferret. Whereas, it is not suitable for your ferret to sleep on an open bed. As they like to sleep in dark, protected from draughts and cold areas of big size cage. The bedding should be placed on the floor of the cage according to the size of the cage to provide comfort to the ferret.

  1. Customized cage

You can buy a cage with multiple levels but with customized options. Having the option of removing the level floors, to wash easily or in the condition when your friend is neutered and shouldn’t move up and down. Or in case if the ferret is pregnant and not safe for her to jump and climb through level ramps.

The cages come in many varieties and can be extended and hooked together. As your ferret family grows or if you have the plan to buy more ferrets.

However, the gap between wires or bars should not be more than 1 inch that your ferret could stick while try escaping or stuck. The head of the male ferret may be larger than the females. But the same from shoulders and can escape easier but dangerous for them.

  1. Stainless steel ferret cage

No doubt stainless steel ferret cage is preferable on the coated wire cages. As experts recommend the wire coatings should be of high quality because ferret has a habit to chew everything.

If the plastic coating on the metallic cage they will swallow then it can be dangerous and cause intestinal blockage and as well as it can be rusting.

  1. Enough room to sit in the cage

The small and narrow cages can cause cramps in ferret’s legs. So there should be enough room in the cage for your pet to move around or play with toys. However, they spend a lot of time in the cage. You should take care of their entertainment and comfortability such as bedding or sleeping area as they are deep sleepers and need 18 hours of sleep.

Put a warm, cozy and noise-free sleeping hut in the cage. So they can sleep well without being disturbed from outside noise.

  1. Age matters the size

The lifespan of many animals like dogs, cats, and other pets is common but ferret’s average life span is a bit complicated. If you have more than one ferret and you are keeping a multi-level cage then make sure all ferrets can have access to all levels.

Ferrets have 8-10 years of a lifespan. So the aged buddies should be placed on the ground floor of the cage and young should be on the upper level. Somehow the lifespan of ferret has been shortened in previous years as 5-9 years around the world.

  1. Extra-large ferret cages

The bigger and extra-large cages are not for one ferret. But for 2 or 4 ferrets it’s a great idea.

Though bigger cages have wheels installed in it. You can drag it anywhere or move out easily when needed to wash or mobility. These cages have large access with your forearms usually come with large doors.

  1. The average cost of a ferret cage

The cages have different price rates. Which is according to the design and material or size of the cage. Which starts from $50 to $250+ with the accommodation.

The ferrets are lovely creatures and not aggressive. But they have a habit of bite and nip when they are young. No matter how much the cage size is ferret can live for 5 – 12 years with the best care.

  1. Ferrets don’t require a lot of space

Ferrets are easy to handle and don’t require a lot of space in your home: like a yard, a park to romp in or big home to explore. They can easily settle in your small apartment where they just needed your attention and affection only.

You can put them in a room with ferret toys for playing for 4 hours at least. They should be out of the cage in a day. Keep the ferret space clean and comfortable it is enough for them than a huge cage.

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