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How much time do ferrets need out of a cage

How much time do ferrets need out of a cage?

We all love freedom so that ferrets also feel happiness out of the cage. Because they are playful and curious by nature. Some people keep their ferret caged. Some let them free to move out of the cage whenever they want. Let’s know how much time do ferrets need out of a cage?

Well, it totally depends on you or your routine. How much time you let him out of the cage and roam around in the house. But you should have done safety measurements before leaving your ferret in house.

How much time do ferrets need out of a cage?

It is recommended to leave the ferret out of the cage. You can break up the time into 1-2 hours sessions. But for at least 4 hours daily. Moreover, leaving them in the cage for 24 hours and never letting them out to play is not good for ferret’s health as he will get bore.

All the time caged means he will get depressed of the cage. He could feel like punishment. They will try to get your attention first to remove from the cage. If you ignore they will take out their frustration on their surroundings.

Keeping them long in the cage

While being frustrated from caged for 24 hours can cause several damages to the accessories in the cage. Or it as well like biting the cage and breaking their teeth.

He could be so aggressive. If you lock them and forget as its biting habit can cause a serious dental problem. Even he can harm the other ferret or even you when you try to change litter pan.

Because of the chewing habit, some ferrets will chew their bedding. This can cause blockage in their throat on the litter pan or other dishes. Which can harm their teeth is made of steel.

Letting them out of the cage

Under your supervision ferrets should be let out of the cage. As much time as possible like 2-3 hours at least. As they sleep a lot so they will manage their time. Make your home or room where you are letting him outside the cage ferret-proof and do such things explained:

  1. Choose a cool room

You should be careful about your pet and open them in a cool room if its summer season. Because they can be sick of heatstroke and even can’t show you the signs of heating.

Remember room must be cool enough for the safety of your pet and should be around 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a ceiling fan by turning it on or air condition room will be best. But don’t use a small fan which ferret can drag and endanger itself.

  1. Ferret-proof a room

You should have to do a few things around in the room and make it a safe place to play. If you are letting him play alone. Close the gaps between furniture and walls or beneath or narrow spaces.

So that he won’t get stuck in there. Removing choking hazards must be your priority and cover all the electrical outlets. Furthermore, also remove small items as he could carry them off.

  1. Using litter box

You should train your ferret to use the litter box. To eliminate by using a cardboard or plastic box of 3-5 inches long and fill the box with 1-inch paper pellets or plant fiber. You should have empty the litter twice a day. As it can harm the respiratory system of a ferret.

  1. Set up a playpen

If you haven’t time to make your room ferret proof. Then buy a playpen for the safety of ferret when you leave him out of the cage. Must provide him tunnels and toys to play with.

However, you shouldn’t leave your ferret in the playpen for a long time. As they can get out of the pen and stuck in something or can be injured.

  1. Install a pet door

When you are completely sure that ferret outside the cage will be safe in your home. Then you can also install a pet door in the cage so it will come out whenever it wants.

  1. Wear closed-toed shoes

O’ yeah you should wear the closed-toe shoes. So that your lovely pet couldn’t nip or bite your foot toe when you are working around. He wants your attention. Little biting is acceptable. As they try to ask you to play with them but it also needs to protect your feet.

How long do you need to play with a ferret?

Since they are playful by nature and need child-like care. You should have to hold them pet them and feed them and treat them with care.

  1. Give them time

If you cannot play with them all the time just give a little time in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. It will keep them happy ferret but 3 to 4 hours a day you should free them from the cage. To run around and at least 2 hours a day to play with them.

  1. Provide toys for your ferret

If you love your pet then invest with some toys. Remember when you let them out they should have other toys outside the cage as well. You should have at least 4 toys for each play session like a series of tunnels, dig box, paper bag or knotted rope.

You can also use puzzle boxes to let your ferret use its intelligence or by making a dig box and cut holes in the top of the box. It should be filled with rice or sand and let him climb and dig in. Play with your ferret tug of war, balls and tease toys to chase.

  1. Expect your ferret to scurry around the room

Ferrets are speedy creatures when you let them out of the cage. They will run around the room and search every corner of the room while feeling free and enjoy. Because they are so energetic and damage the things around the room. If you haven’t managed them earlier.

So don’t ever think that things will remain untouched in the room.

If you left the ferret in the room unattended for a certain time period. Then you should open the room door carefully when you return and make sure he doesn’t escape. You can also put a harness on the ferret instead of letting it roam free. So he enjoys more room but couldn’t go that far in the area.

  1. Play games with your ferret

You should make a bond with your pet even when it’s out of the cage. Playing with them is the best option. You can also sit in the room and wait for your ferret to come to you or you can call its name.

Play chasing the game by tying a toy to the rope and pull it along by running. So he could follow you by teasing him to get attention.

Outside the cage, there is plenty of room to play you can set up tunnels and interact with the ferret. As it runs through for the treats or toy at the end of the tunnel waiting for a ferret.

Ferrets have poor eyesight so don’t prolonged the tunnels or use cloth tunnels which will make them feel enjoy. Your pet may have frightened because of blindness. So avoid sudden movements towards your ferret as they can easily be spooked.

  1. Supervise your ferret if another animal is around

Ferrets love socializing and can be friends to the other pets in the home. As far as they will get to know they have to stay together in the house. They interact with each other. But since until they recognize each other you should keep them under supervision.

  1. Allow your ferret access to its cage

Your ferret when staying for a long time in the cage or outside the cage becomes habitual and realizes that after playing. They have to get back in the cage to sleep. So you should keep the cage door open if he could get back or install a pet door.

  1. Pick it up carefully

Ferrets are so sensitive and fragile because of the fur around their body. So while picking them up to be careful. Let him approach you and then use both hands to pick it up better to hold from the neck. While the other hand on its bottom. Or you can hold it by placing one hand under its chest and the other under its hips but don’t hold it from the tail.

  1. Dead sleep

This animal love humans and play with them is the most exciting moment. As they can bounce around sometimes with its teeth bared mean you are invited to play.

You also should bounce with it. So they will be happy as they also like to play dead with you. Show them you are not looking at them when they pretend dead and then make a big show they came back to life.

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