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How often should I change my ferret bedding?

Ferrets are delicate and fluffy animals with territorial habits as they don’t want to share their bedding with anyone. They love to have a cozy place to sleep in whether it’s in the cage or outside anywhere in the home. Let’s discuss, how often should I change my ferret bedding?

You should change ferret bedding once a week, also it depends on the material. Ferret’s bedding consists of soft flooring, a blanket, hammocks, and a sheltered cozy place. These ferrets are sensitive and get an allergy to the material of the commercial beddings so you should be careful while buying.

How often should I change my ferret bedding?

Snuggling, cuddling, playing, rolling, and curling up are the habits of the most amazing domesticated pet ferret. When you adopt some kit and nourish him, he starts taking the habits you have or the training you provide.

The ferrets can change according to your desire as they are so flexible and can even change the sleeping hours with your schedule. They are sleep lovers and sleep in cozy places like (in your socks, drawer, under pillow, or blanket) to take a nap. Let’s discuss in detail that how often should I change my ferret bedding.  

Ferrets sleep 14-16 hours a day. So the bedding should be comfortable when in a cage and keep in mind that they have sharp claws. The bedding plays an important role in the health of the ferret so be careful with the damaged one. They can insert their claws in it and can swallow the material or the fabric if it wasn’t enough durable. So it’s better to change ferret bedding once a week.

Ferrets are sleep lover

Ferret love to snuggle up. So the bedding should be soft, clean, and germ-free. As he usually rolls down the face under its skin and breathes the dust. Always remember if you are unable to provide him comfortable bedding. Then he will find out another cozy place to sleep in like your sock drawer.

Fleece is a piece of fabric that is easy to wash, contains no toxic smell, and quite affordable and cheaper. This is the most popular bedding material nowadays for the ferrets bedding that offers durability as well.

So it has all the characteristics you need for your lovely pet ferret. When you search bedding for ferret online you will find out that everyone around the world bedding is made of fleece.

Sleeping in hammocks

The hammock is like a hanging sling you can hang it in the cage by leaving space from the bottom. Then swing it side by side and put other things as well. The cage should be fully accommodated with all the necessities like food and water bowls and a litter box with comfortable bedding.

When you hang the hammock in the cage you can easily clean the cage floor. As it helps your ferret sleeping with their body shape.

The hammocks are easy to clean and takes little space in the cage. Since if you have little space then you can put bedding on the floor. But keep in mind it should be on the opposite corner of the cage where you put the litter box. It may not be great like a hammock but ferrets will find it great. You can find one online according to your ferret’s needs.

You can search online and choose to bed for the ferret. As sometimes it comes with other accessories like a blanket, hammock, and pillow. The new, comfortable, and soft bedding can be purchase online market. While keeping in mind the bedding with holes can hurt the ferret though they are attracted to it. The ferrets can crawl easily into the holes and hurt themselves. So replace the bedding once a week that is enough for inspection.

Why do you need good bedding for your ferret?

Bedding is a basic part of ferret life. As they needed good bedding full of comfortability and soft material to sleep in or to take rest. In the winter season, their bedding should be warm and cozy and can absorb urine. So that all night he may not get wet and fell sick as you can find out a wool blanket or polar fleece for bedding when you have a kit.

It is needed to have clean and clear bedding for the safety of the ferret’s health. So that it would be safe and secure and prevent illness. When you buy a ferret you should also invest in its bedding. As it will help you save your pet from sickness.

What to look for in bedding for ferrets?

Fleece bedding is most popular among ferret owners. As it saves you money because you can wash and reuse it but you have to clean it. If you don’t want to clean the bedding then use disposable bedding for your pet.  Since its simple solution is when the bedding gets dirty you can throw it away. Such as (recycled paper, and wood shavings). The ferret bedding should be:

  1. Soft and comfortable

Ferret’s feet are sensitive and need cushion flooring so choose a bedding that is soft and comfortable and absorbs liquid well. So the floor should be nice and dry because the absorbing bedding it will keep the cage clean.

  1. Helps control odor

You will find out the bedding online which can absorb liquid and prevent smelling in the cage such as made of natural materials. Because you don’t want toxic bedding for your ferret so check before buying that it is non-toxic and natural.

Just like us, we want to live in a clean, clear, and germs-free environment your pet also needed to take care of. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge or large size cage but makes it possible to keep it clean regularly.

Bedding helps to cushion the ferret’s claws otherwise he can hurt himself moving on the wired floor. So that the bedding will provide comfort to his feet and absorb the liquid and prevent smelling in the cage or floor of your house.

5 best bedding for ferrets

Here are a few recommended beddings available online if you want to choose one according to your needs, budget, and suitable for your pet. The bedding should allow him to burrow inside and have comfortable naps. You can get the tips here to take care of your ferret’s bedding.

  1. So phresh odor control crumbled paper bedding

This brand is specifically designed for ferrets and has excellent absorbent quality to control odor also. The bedding is made by keeping in mind the basic needs of a ferret. Such as a clean scent with baking soda so it keeps the cage odorless. So phresh is designed with natural paper material. Which is highly absorbent, 99% dust-free, and 100% non-allergenic for your ferret.

  1. Small pet select natural paper bedding

If you have a small kit of ferret then you must use all-natural beddings for him. As they are soft and comfortable for their sensitive feet and absorbent. This bedding is non-toxic, 100% safe and can expand to 3 times its volume for maximum value. You will find out some beddings looks very great but those have the toxic fragrance and threat to ferret’s health. However, this bedding is without chemicals and comes in different sizes so you can rely on it.

  1. Vitakraft fresh world ultra-strength crumble bedding

This is highly hygienic recycled paper bedding made of 100% recycled material and controls odor for up to 14 days so you may not need to change it often. The bedding can absorb three times its weight in liquid and is 99.5% dust-free. The texture of the bedding is soft and gentle on the ferret’s paws and has recycled ability after using it. The vitakraft fresh offers an ultra-strength of absorbing and baking soda added for odor control.

  1. Marshall premium ferret litter

This bedding is made for ferrets especially and made of natural paper fibers that absorb the urine and keep it restraint from the smell. If you choose this bedding then your pet’s cage would remain fresh and clean. As it has dust-free and non-allergenic features. This will provide safety to the respiratory system of the ferret.

  1. Kaytee Clean & cozy white small animal bedding

Very authentic and high-quality bedding for small animals is Kaytee. This is a well-known brand and ensures safe and soft bedding. This bedding is a great choice if you have small animals like rabbits, ferrets, and rodents. It has odor control ability and absorbent for maximum liquid absorption with a negligible amount of dust. It is better than normal wood shavings and made of soft granules to make your ferret’s feet comfortable. 

You will find out the different sizes of the beddings according to your ferret’s age such as (12.3 liters, 24.6 liters, 49.2 liters, and 85 liters). Kaytee is the best product available online market for facilitating your pet’s comfortability and safety. As far as you may have this bedding for rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters as well.

This awesome bedding is safe for small animals and you can set it easily by fluffing with hands that turn it into the cloud. Its white color makes a good look and easy to spot for your ferret as it has low eye-sight.


Ferret’s bedding is a necessary part of his cage. As he should feel like it home and his own space for resting, napping, and comfort. If you love your pet then invest in the bedding which should be safe, clean, odorless, and non-toxic with a high absorbing factor.

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