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How to keep ferret cage from smelling

How to keep ferret cage from smelling?

Ferrets are lovely creatures whether you adopt them from a local shelter or you found them behaving playful and lively pets at the pet store. If you like it at first sight, and you purchased it, and then you must know, believe it, you have a wonderful animal which will cause amusement in your life. Besides, its strong scent fills the air with an unpleasant odor. Let’s know how to keep ferret cage from smelling.

Everybody knows that they are little legendary mammals with distinctive odor from their scent glands. Of course, you don’t always want that nostril-scrunching smell at home. Whereas if you love your ferret then you should have done something to remove the smell from the cage or home.

Every animal has its own smell but a wild ferret has its own natural aroma musky smell produced from the scent glands in the skin and sometimes exaggerated from the back end of a ferret. The male ferret has more smell than the female ferrets have but since they used to live together will soon come to take on the same smell. Because of their close living quarters and intimate contact with each other.

How to keep ferret cage from smelling

Keeping the ferret clean means the cage won’t smell either as give them a bath monthly, ear cleaning, and keep them in a clean place can reduce odor in the room. You can also use an air filter for removing the smell from the cage by setting it on the top of the cage.

This will reduce odor and you won’t feel it in the house without spending a lot of money.

Keep your Ferret clean

Here are a few simple methods to reduce or even eliminate ferret odor from the cage.

Reduce smell by giving bath to ferret once a month

Ferret doesn’t like bathing usually so be careful if they could escape. Fill the tub with warm water (not Lukewarm) which covers the ferret’s body while keeping its head out of the water level. You can purchase ferret’ shampoo from the pet store or vet and scrub it on its furry body.

Do not use your own shampoo or conditioner as that can be toxic for your ferret and he may get sick. You shouldn’t bathe your ferret frequently but once in a month because it can remove natural oils from his skin and makes the odor stronger. Once in a month bathing is safe for your ferret unless he is excessively dirty.

Clean your ferret’s ears on a weekly basis

You can get an ear cleaning solution available at the pet store and use it accordingly. Pour a small amount in the bowl, take a cotton bud and dip in the liquid then hold your ferret firmly and rub the bud along its outer ear.

Then move the cotton bud bit deep inside the ear and rotate it gently as you clean your ear. When it gets dirty use another one until you feel it’s clean now. Don’t go deep inside the ear, as you can damage the ferret’s ear.

Brush your ferret’s teeth once a week

Your ferret may not like teeth brushing at first so, starts it with few teeth at a time. Buy a new toothbrush small in size and toothpaste designed for cats or kittens then hold your ferret carefully in your lap to pull up the gums and brush his teeth in a small circular motion. Be careful, as it has a biting habit and can bite you but don’t you worry ask your vet how to make your ferret brushing.

Spay or neuter your ferret at 4 months of age

When your ferret reaches its maturity then its hormones will do in the heat process and can result in odor in both male and female ferrets. So spaying and neutering ferret can reduce potential marking and make them healthier overall. A male ferret can increase adrenal gland disease if not spayed and the female ferret can develop anemia if heat cycles are ignored.

Keep everything clean around the ferret

Litter box training

Once, you decide to have a pet animal, you must have several pieces of training to teach your pet. Ferrets are the most intelligent creature they find a spot for litter, even while in the cage. You should notice and place a litter box in that place in the cage and put some fresh droppings in the box so it will smell like a restroom. Let’s know how to keep the ferret cage from smelling.

Most of the time ferret usually uses the box soon but if they don’t use the litter box then replace the box of another type. When he will be used to it then it will lessen the smell in the cage.

Cleaning of the litter box

Do not move the litter box after cleaning otherwise, the ferret won’t use it if displaced. Use a scoop to pick out the soiled pelleted paper and leave a few droppings behind. Do this task every time you pick pellet paper or granules from the ferret’s box. Do not use clay pellets as they are dangerous for ferret if ingested so use only pelleted paper or granules.

Scrub the cage

Let the ferret out of the cage, remove the litterbox and empty it, remove toys and any other items in the cage and wash it with dish soap and water to scrub the cage. Keep it outside to dry till then wipe the other things of cage-like toys and bowls. The wooden cage absorbs smell over time so it is easy to clean coated wire cages as they have a tendency to stay clean.

Launder your ferret’s bedding on a weekly basis

Ferret’s bedding is normally made of fabric that absorbs smell in a few days and becomes stinky as the ferret loves its sleep sack. So, take it out of the cage and wash it with non-scented laundry detergent and hot water. Do this task at least once a week but don’t forget ferrets are allergic to scented cleaners.

Vacuum your home weekly

Ferrets are playful they love to play in an open area like exploring your home in such a way; they spread their body oil everywhere. That means you have a ferret smell in your house until you clean the whole house from time to time. Vacuum your carpet and dust your home once a week at least when you have pet surroundings.

The odor-reducing product should be out of reach to ferret

Do not place odor-reducing products or deodorizers in the contact of your ferret or where they can reach it as it can be harmful to his lungs or skin due to chemicals. Put it on high shelves in the ferret’s room if the product is made of natural ingredients it would be better.

Concern about the ferret’s health

High-protein diet

Ferret has a special diet and can be purchased from the local pet store you can also find out the list front with chicken or thin meat. Do not give a high-fat amount diet such as (grains, vegetables, and fruits) because giving the right food will result in less smelly stools. Do not include sugary things and corn products in the diet as they can cause indigestion and have no nutritional benefits for your ferret.

Consult your vet

If you observe your ferret’s activity and it seems lethargic and changed than usual. Then consult your vet if you are worried about his potential health. Consequently, if your ferret isn’t eating anything you’re providing or looks unhealthy then you should take it for a check-up. If he is going well you still should take him for a check-up once a year. Because anal glands blockage can increase ferret’s odor but all conditions are treatable.

Gland surgery of ferret

Consider a scent gland surgery only in the most extreme situations

You can consider scent gland surgery of the ferret in extreme situations. As many vets ask for de-scenting surgery to be a cosmetic procedure. But keep in mind that surgery is a painful process and may have potential complications.

The trick with treats

Ferret treats are a good way of bonding between you and your pet to reward him for good behavior. But don’t give him many treats, as he will beg you and look at you until you give them. As commercial treats (chicken and egg bits) can cost you high with large quantity. So one or two in a week is enough.

Keep ferrets amused

Little ferrets are fluffy and playful animal they want your attention so, they learn new things which stimulate their personalities. Boredom can cause smellier ferret. So playtime is necessary for your ferret to stay happy and healthy. As its a great stress reliever for you and the ferret.


Keeps your ferret clean along with the place where you kept the ferret’s cage.  Do not ignore your pet as it will affect its health. Also, keep the litter box clean every day.

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