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What Can I Give My Ferret to Chew on

What can I give my ferret to chew on?

Only dogs haven’t destructive behavior of chewing. Ferrets are good chewers though as this fluffy little mammal sink their teeth into everything from foam to rubber. Someone asked us, what can I give my ferret to chew on?

This chewing habit of a ferret is not only troublesome for the ferrets & also hazardous for themselves. You can give them rubber toys, cloth or stuffed toys to chew on or the plastic balls. As far as, they couldn’t consume it.

Recommended item for ferret to chew on

Ferrets love chewing while playing with toys. You should be careful while buying toys for your pet ferret as any broken piece he could swallow. Don’t let the ferret out of the cage. Until you make your house or room ferret-proof by removing hazardous items from the area you are considering to leave your pet. Such as (T.V remote, plush toys with eyes and ears, small objects which he can drag). When the ferret is roaming around and can hide the things.

Ferrets can be allowed to chew on the cloth toys. But with caution and in your supervision. So chewing on toys only is a better idea instead of allowing him to chew on your luxury sofa.

However, only strong, durable chew toys should be given to the ferret. As they are hard biters and can bite to tear it up. Always remember don’t let him play along with the toys alone. You can buy toys from pet stores the ferret-proof toys or even homemade to your ferrets to play with. Let’s know what can I give my ferret to chew on?

  1. Give your ferret balls

Ferrets are great chaser and love to chase balls. You can give these balls (tennis ball, racquetball, and ping pong ball) available at a sports store or toy shop or even buy online. You can use any ball in the home or a lighted or jingle ball. When it’s moved it will attract the ferret and make him interested in playing.

When your ferret is under your supervision. Then you should give him toys to play or leaving him alone with toys may chew through some balls. This can lead to digestive problems. They love diving in the ball pool. So pick some cardboard boxes and fill with plastic balls and let him wiggling around in it without harm.

  1. Give your ferret small toys

You can give your ferret to chew on fabric toys (cotton-knotted dog). As the toy shouldn’t have any loose part that can be tear or consumed by the pet. Such toys are soft and smooth for the ferret’s teeth and help cleaning the ferret’s teeth and quite harmless. Don’t let him ingest the pieces and scuff them on the neck to stop him from biting or swallowing the object.

  1. Give your ferret cylindrical toys

If you search online you will find out many tunneling and crawling toys for a ferret. Buy some tunneling toy and give it to him like (ferret ball or tube). There is a huge variety of things available in pet stores. You can get some according to the size of your ferret. So he could fit through the tube or shouldn’t stick.

First, you have to guide him to go through the tube or tunnel. Then repeat it by putting treat at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Make a burrowing toy.

Ferrets sometimes behave like snakes and curl up deep inside of the thing or blanket. He feels safe like (an empty pillow cover, an old handbag, a large boot or some jug). If they chew the cover or handbag it won’t hurt their teeth. Usually, they are very energetic and attractive to some glittery things.

  1. Provide items for your ferret to lounge and climb on

Ferrets are curious by nature and love to explore things around. He wants to scout everything in circumstances then would curl up in some corner they would feel comfortable. You can also handsome sling in the room or hammocks for the ferret to play and climb on. All such types of things you can get in the pet store and online retailers particularly

  1. Pick toys that are safe to chew on

If you want to keep your ferret not to chew on your lush and expensive sofa. Then choose the right toys he could chew also as they have a habit of chewing on. You can buy toys made of (hard plastic, cotton rope, fabric, and natural fibers) and prevent your ferret from illness.

Such types of toys won’t destroy easily even your ferret sink in the teeth. Obviously, these toys are made for ferret specially and safe for him even ingest the pieces.

  1. Give your ferret a paper bag or cardboard box

Never give your ferret plastic bags. As this can cause a suffocation hazard for your pet you can use a cardboard box with holes. Take a cardboard box and make holes in it at the distance of few inches away. These random holes will let them in or out of the box and make it fun. You can cut these holes with the scissors of cutter or any utility knife will help.

  1. Avoid toys that can cause a hazard

Some toys have metal pieces on them and can be chewed off by the ferret. Also, some have rubber parts so avoid such toys that are like (tin foil, thin rubber or thin plastic). Be careful about your pet and don’t give them such material toys or other things to play with. Which can be ingested or cause intestinal blockage. Otherwise, you may have to take it for surgery to remove the object or piece.

  1. Non-toxic toys

While keeping in mind ferrets are playful and love playing around you. They cannot keep them in a cage all the time. So provide them toys are a great gesture to make them happy. You can have bright color toys with non-toxic or based on food colors.

So if the ferret accidentally consumes the piece of the toy couldn’t harm it. There are plenty of shaped and attractive toys: such as (fruits, vegetables, ladder, teeter-totters, baskets, erector sets, tubes, hoses, Christmas ornaments, and jungle gyms).

Bright and shiny things attract the pet especially kits so buy some toys more look like natural things.

  1. Rubber toys

Ferrets are aggressive as well sometime. They chew the things around them in the cage or even outside the cage. But if his temper is high in the cage then it’s a bit safe. Outside the cage, it well worth the cost of damaging the table covers by chewing it on or the sofa cushions. Ferrets like to chew rubbery texture things. They swallow what they chew so give them only chewable things.

Most of the carnivores have sharp teeth like dogs and cats. They need the same hygiene and clean their teeth by chewing the objects, as the dogs do usually. Chewable toys specially made for ferrets come with a number of sizes and flavors. Keep them away from indigestion including (beef, chicken, carob, molasses, raisin, and spice).

  1. Supervise your ferret

For safety measures, you should not leave your pet with toys alone. As he can consume some pieces of some toy that could be stuck in his throat. This can harm your ferret. While it can block the throat and made him suffocated. So always let him play under your supervision. Even it is a safe tunnel to go through it.

  1. Clean your ferret’s toys regularly

Keeping your ferret healthy safe and sound you should wash regularly your pet’s toys and make them free from bacteria and diseases. You can use non-toxic soap and warm water to wash the toys and wipe them with a soft cloth once a week or if they look dirty wash them often. Get one shampoo from online retailers to clean the toys and are safe for a ferret.

  1. Replace toys that are damaged

Keep in mind if some toy is damaged by your ferret. While playing then replace it with a new one or other toy you should have a weekly inspection. Because damage toys can make your ferret suffer a lot. Even a crease in it can stick its nails in it and break the nails of a ferret. If the toys are handmade or homemade they can be replaced often with the time. You should switch the old toys with the new ones instead of changing the toy. As it will make difficult for the ferret to be familiar with that.


Ferrets love experiments and want to discover new things around them. Whereas, these experiments can cause chewing on those things and it can be dangerous for them. You can keep your ferret and your furniture safe by providing them safe and digestible toys or treats to make them happy.

Stay tuned with us for such useful articles.

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