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What do ferrets like in their cage

What do ferrets like in their cage?

Like every other animal, it should be known very well, that what do ferret-like in their cage. Ferret also needs food supply and water in their cage as the basic needs. They want to have clean and enough area for sleeping, comfortable bedding, and playing around in their cages. So, they don’t feel imprisoned. You should put a bowl of heavy material. So, they don’t drop off the food or water in the cage while playing. As they are playful and loves to play around. Treat him like a baby, and put some ferret toys in it. Train him to play with them. You can also install multiple levels in the cage with ramps. So he can run up and down easily and enjoy housing.

Ferrets like to have in the cage

Confining ferrets in the cage, all day long isn’t a good idea and can affect the pet’s health. You should realize the social and lovely creatures don’t want to stay alone all the time. Especially, encaged in some housing. It’s better to give them the time of 3-4 hours at least to explore your house. Wander freely so, the cage-stress level could decrease.

To keep him physically healthy, and mentally relaxed, then implement a program of enrichment and exercise. Which will reduce the boredom of the cage and increase ferret’s interest in its surroundings. So, that they could move their flexes around every corner and stays fit bodily by running exercise. The following items are not a total solution. But they will help in the implementation of a program of cage enrichment.

  1. Bedding

Well though, ferrets don’t mind to be kept in a cage. Since they are facilitated with everything they need in the cage. Ferrets are bad sleepers as they sleep dead and can sleep for 16-20 hours a day. So, the ferret’s cages are the best place to sleep in a cozy and calm environment. They need absorbing bedding with soft texture for their delicate furry body which makes them sleep in comfort.

  1. Cage blanket

You can use a quilt type material for covering the ferret’s body. As a cage blanket and a necessary item for a ferret. The fabric should be washable and water-resistant of the inner side of quilt batting insulation and the outer layer should be floral printed fabric. So, if he poops between sleep it can be easily washed out. Which will provide him nice and calm sleep. Some of the cage blankets covered the whole cage. Which provides a dark environment so the ferret could sleep well: and get to know its sleeping time. You can also customize the blanket according to the cage shape with flaps around to cover the whole cage.

Obviously, blanket needed in the winter season doesn’t cover it whole. But leave some space to check your ferret and allow light and air in the cage during playtime and when he is awake.

  1. Nest box

Some ferret-like to sleep under sofas, couch, dresser drawers, and hidden places. So why don’t you try to make some nest-box for your pet? You can make a nest box with a cardboard box, wooden one or the plastic one as you like. You can also use a washtub with a hole, in the side and out it inward in the cage. Keep the cage clamped to a sheet of cardboard is a good nest for your ferret.

  1. Food Cube

Place a food box in the ferret cage that is a great enrichment and to place a treat inside the box. The box should be small in size. In which only his paw can enter, seal the box and toss it in the cage. Then see the play how he will get the treats. You should watch it first if his hand is going inside or not and he is able to pull out the treat easily.

  1. Exploration tub

Place a tub inside the cage you can fill with (paper balls, scented cloth, leaves, toys, rattle balls and anything playful). Don’t put smaller size things that he could take in the mouth or can be stuck in his throat. The tub will be playful for them even when emptied.

  1. Ceramic water bowl

A water bowl should be ceramic. If you are placing it in the cage otherwise; ferret can accidentally throw in the cage and can wet the floor sheet. When the water splashed you can wipe it off with the towel as he loves water.

  1. Attach multiple water bottles to the cage bars

If you don’t like the water bowl in the cage and have luxury flooring. Then you can tie the water bottle along with pipes to the cage bars so, they can drink water from it. They run around a lot so need water constantly so 2 bottles will reduce running out of the water in the cage. You can buy water bottles from the pet store which are specially designed for a ferret and can latch securely to the cage. You should place the bottle near the food bowl or to other spots like on different levels and fill them regularly.

  1. Litter box

Ferrets are territorials always keep the litter box where your ferret use it, you can use wood or paper-based litter and fill the pan. Don’t use cats or dog’s litter or even scented litter as they can cause breathing problems to your ferret as they have a habit of snorkeling. If you have two ferrets then you should place 2 litter pans in the cage and in opposite corners. The litter box should be a clean everyday basis.

  1. Play tubes

If you have a big size cage and enough for the toys install in it. Then you should place some play tubes made of whatever material like (wood, plastic, rubber, cloth, and metal) along with the ramps. You can also place a large coiled tube in the bottom of the cage where he could swirl between.

  1. Crinkle paper tub

Place a small tub filled with crinkle paper cuttings and put some natural flavor droppings. So, that it couldn’t be toxic for your ferret and he can dive in the tub safely and playfully.

  1. Small balls and cubes

Ferrets love their things associated with them. So, you can put some golf-sized balls in the cage to enrich it, and they would love to play with colorful balls or cubes. Don’t put chewable balls that he could tear in pieces and consume it. So, marble balls will work great. You can also use your kid’s old blocks to put in the cage for the ferret to play with.

  1. Chewing objects

Because of the biting habit ferrets like to bite the things around. As many other animals explore the things by nipping and biting. So, be careful if they try to chew the cage bars, hard toys and fabric can cause damage to their teeth. Provide them chewable toys but shouldn’t be swallowed by them and appropriate for them as ferret-friendly.

  1. Cage placement

If you want to keep your pet happy, then place his cage in the room temperature as they are sensitive enough if the temperature rises to 75 Fahrenheit so avoid keeping in direct sunlight. You can place it near the window for ventilation but, the sunlight shouldn’t direct shine on the cage in the summer season especially.

  1. Small fan

If you think that it’s a hot day and your ferret may have heat stroke. Then put a battery operated fan on the top of the cage to make it airy, reducing odor and circulating cooling air. Keep it on when your ferret is encaged or if it is hot outside then, it should cool the temperature of the cage. If your ferret seems lethargic and sick from the heat then take it to the vet.

  1. Cage maintenance

Once a week, you should maintain the ferret’s cage. If you want your pet healthy, clean and odorless. Many ferrets are messier so, you better should clean the cage twice a week or, if it is needed to wash thoroughly or smell hard then you should clean it.

  • Always put the ferret in the room or where you have decided to place it.
  • Remove everything from the cage before cleaning it thoroughly, and wash them all with the detergent to avoid smell in the cage and in the house.
  • Use a pet-safe disinfects spray after washing the cage. So, it will protect your ferret from the germs or by which he may get sick. Be careful, while spray and wipe down the excessive disinfect.
  • Clean any fabric items using a mild detergent in your washing machine.


It is not necessary to put everything discussed above. Don’t overload the ferret’s cage with many items, just put enrich items and you can also swap them with other things. However, the basic things shouldn’t be displaced or removed like bedding, litterbox and food cube. Replacement of new enrichments can amuse your pet and will create a sense of exploring those items.

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