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What size cage do you need for a ferret

What size cage do you need for a ferret?

Ferrets are fluffy animals and can escape from anywhere even in a small place. So, they should be housed in a cage that can be locked and closed securely. Well, the size of the ferret’s cage depends on the cost of how much you can afford. Let’s know, what size cage do you need for a ferret?

Large or small, with levels, as an average cage must be 24″ x 24″ x 36″ high (60 x 60 x 91cm). Keep it in mind, while purchasing. One that it’s flooring should be solid or wired and the cage must be ventilated. Wooden cages are useless. Because they will become contaminated with urine or feces and impossible to clean and disinfect.

Ferret cage size requirements

When you plan to buy a new ferret then obviously you would need it housing so for.

  • A single ferret cage you must need a size of cage around 2.5 cubic feet of internal space.
  • Two ferrets, you will need a cage that has an internal volume of at least 5 cubic feet.
  • Three ferrets will need a 7.5 cubic foot cage at a minimum.

If you have a plan of group ferrets, more than three. Then you should calculate the online calculator for the cage size. How it should be spacious for many ferrets.

How to choose a ferret’s cage?

Ferrets are loving and friendly creatures along with intelligence. They love to socialize with you and kids and are great pets. Though, it could be difficult to find out the right cage for your cute, furry pet. You better should understand how your ferret will feel comfortable in that cage. How you can add food items, bedding, and water in his cage and make it home for him.

  1. Choosing the right size

When you go purchase a ferret’s cage, then buy 36 inches wide, 24 inches long and 24 inches tall. So, there would be enough space for napping, eating, playing and litter box. If you don’t want to let him out for a minimum of 4 hours then, you should buy a larger cage.

  1. Multiple levels

Some say, they are descended from monkeys; in fact, they have polecat ancestry whatever may the reason is they love to climb. So, make sure while choosing some cage with multiple platforms. As a building, there must be three stories you can divide into the dining area, litterbox, and bedding space. This will provide stimulation and mobility to your ferret as the cage levels should have ramps to proceed to upper levels. So, it can run and play easily. However, if you have two ferrets then the cage should have 4 levels for sleeping, eating, playing and litter.

  1. Cage frame construction & bar spacing

Ferrets are sneaky and tricky animals. They can sneak out of the cage even from a little distance between wires or the entrance to get out. Make sure, while choosing a cage that the space between the wired frames of the cage must be smaller than 1 inch. Which will keep your young ferret safe in the cage. If you are still worried about its escaping from the cage then you can wrap chicken wire around the ferret’s cage.

  1. Check the strength of the latches

Ferrets are so wise. They can push and pull open doors if they are not latched firmly. So, make sure that the cage has a strong lock mechanism. If the cage has multiple doors. Then they must be locked with a strong latch or you can also use binder clips if you want to double sure. Sometimes, people say that their ferret escapes from the latches. So beware, while locking it with extra clamps and binder clips to prevent tampering.

  1. Accessibility & ease of cleaning

These two things are difficult task regarding cage. As it is not accessible and to clean it. You better should buy a cage with adjustable shelves and wide doors. So, you may not need to remove all parts while cleaning the cage. If the cage would have wide doors you can easily get to your pet and interact with food and water supplies. The cage must be easy to clean or with casters. So, you can take it to the backyard and clean it from top to bottom.

  1. Solid flooring

The ferret has fur on its skin and it’s a delicate animal. So, make sure the flooring of the cage must not be wired it will hurt ferret’s feet by trapping between wires or can cause cuts or broken limbs. So, the cage should have a solid flat floor with carpeting, solid pans, pads surface. If it has wired flooring then make it comfortable by putting a carpet piece in it. By cutting the perfect size of the cage, to keep your ferret safe and sound.

  1. Quality of the cage

The quality of the cage can be measured by the material used. A good cage can be a bit expensive but think about your pet. If he is safe and sound inside it will worth every dime. No need to purchase a fancy cage-like with bells and whistles. There’s no point to buy a cage if the door won’t lock properly.

  1. The durability of the cage

Ferrets love to nibble everything, like the rats. So the cage should not be made of plastic or have plastic coatings on the bars. As if they will consume it they can have an intestinal blockage or die because of poisoning. You must have to choose a powder coating cage. As it is preferable than conventional paint and has good resistance from scratching.

Best ferret cages for housing

These ferret cages are only a suggestion for you. It totally depends on you how much you can spend on a ferret’s cage.

  1. Feisty Ferret Home 485 by Prevue

This is the most popular type of ferret’s cage or housing with multiple levels. It is also cheaper than the other options. Its bottom floor can be pulled out for cleaning and the shelves can be removed easily. It has doors on the right side with the wide-open ability.

So, you can get to your per easily and clean up the cage. The multiple levels with ramps make easy for the ferret to move up and down in the cage and safer for the claws.

There is a hook to lock the door and to keep your ferret safe as the bottom shelf in handy for storage. The upper-level floor is wired you can cover it, with a piece of carpet or a plastic sheet to cut and cover it with the size of the cage. The double unit cage size is 31″L x 20″W x 54″H with 1-inch bar spacing.

  1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Well, Keep in mind that this cage is specially designed with the rabbits. Also a great option for your ferret for housing. It has a bottom floor made of plastic but the upper is wired and plenty of ventilation in the cage along with ramps to reach the upper area.

There is also a hiding place below which gives him a perfect place to nap. The food bowl is included in the cage and can be wide open from the top in two parts for easy access while cleaning. It also has a door in front as the size of the cage measures around 46 x 24 x 22 inches.

People have great reviews about this cage as it has plenty of space for your ferret to move around and for the big ferrets especially.

  1. Travel Carriers

There are different types of cages available online you can select one. But a cage with the carrier is the best option. So, when you need to take your ferret to the vet in an emergency you can just hold the cage and rush out. But, one thing you need to make sure that how many ferrets you have.

So, you must choose the right size according to the number of ferrets. You should hang a hammock by tying it to the metal window as it will cut down the shuffling around while navigating roads or sudden stops.

You also should place a paper on the bottom for accidents and attach food and water drops for long time travel. 


Ferret is a social and friendly pet they cannot live alone in their cage all the time. So, you have to give them 2-3 hours per day, to explore your home as they are curious and socio-interactive animals. They need to move around. As, they are playful by nature and investigate the area and love to search boxes, plastic tubes, blankets to climb on, paper bags and rushing here and there.

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